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Renathal Abyssal Curse Warlock

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There is a lot of Renathal activity in Warlock, with the prince taking over the Curse Warlock archetype and lifting its play rate. The class with Life Tap was tipped by many to be one of the best fits for the legendary.

Curse Warlock looks quite weak, and Renathal seems to be a trap that has only made the archetype worse. Loss of the deck's consistency in finding its win condition has resulted in worsening results in the deck's performance against other late game strategies, while the benefits have been marginal. Gul'dan wins our “bait of the week” medal. Congratulations.

Curse Warlock has proven to be a poor fit for Renathal, contrary to the initial thought that the class with Life Tap would appreciate the extra health. The problem is that Warlock lacks the characteristics that make Renathal successful. It doesn't have strong tutors to its win condition, so its game plan gets much slower and less consistent with extra cards. Its removal and life gain packages are already strong, so it's not desperate for a cushion of health because it's already defensively sound. Adding cards only dilutes its defensive shell. There are exceptions, such as pure burn decks like Bomb Rogue, but those matchups just aren't common.

Based on our estimates, running a 30-card build of Curse Warlock should be better, and we're featuring a curated list with some flex/tech options. There's a choice between the value of School Teacher and the standalone impact of Demonic Assault. Then you can sprinkle some tech cards to replace Mortal Coils, if you're desperate for them (in this format, you shouldn't be).

We're still featuring a 40-card build in case you insist on making your deck worse, or if you're wondering how we would build it in case it made more sense down the road.

The bottom line though, whether it's 30 or 40 cards, Curse Warlock isn't great.

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BuBi profilképe

BuBi (Diamond Common)

Létrehozott paklik: 629

365 napon belül: 0

Átlagos értékelés: 0.6

Leggyakoribb kaszt: Rogue

Warlock lapok

Név Mana Támadás Élet
Core szettMortal Coil x2 1
United in Stormwind kiegészítőTouch of the Nathrezim x2 1
Core szettDrain Soul x2 2
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőDragged Below x2 3
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőSira'kess Cultist x2 3 3 4
Forged in the Barrens kiegészítőTamsin Roame x1 3 1 3
United in Stormwind kiegészítőDemonic Assault x2 4
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőImmolate x2 4
United in Stormwind kiegészítőRuned Mithril Rod x2 5 0 2
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőZa'qul x1 5 6 5
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőAbyssal Wave x2 6
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőDreadlich Tamsin x1 6 30
United in Stormwind kiegészítőEntitled Customer x2 6 3 2
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőGigafin x1 8 7 4
Core szettTwisting Nether x1 8

Semleges lapok

Név Mana Támadás Élet
Core szettMistress of Mixtures x2 1 2 2
Core szettBrann Bronzebeard x1 3 2 4
Murder at Castle Nathria kiegészítőPrince Renathal x1 3 3 4
United in Stormwind kiegészítőRustrot Viper x1 3 3 4
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőSmothering Starfish x1 3 2 4
Core szettZola the Gorgon x1 3 2 2
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőBlademaster Okani x1 4 2 6
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőSchool Teacher x2 4 5 4
United in Stormwind kiegészítőSpice Bread Baker x2 4 3 2
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőQueen Azshara x1 5 5 5
United in Stormwind kiegészítőGoldshire Gnoll x2 10 5 4

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