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Renathal Celestial Druid

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Druid has been the class most dramatically affected by the introduction of Prince Renathal. Both of its popular archetypes have leaned into the Prince to find success with extra-large decks.

The introduction of Renathal has changed the format so much that we had to postpone last week's report as any field we would have presented was completely outdated. Druid is the best example. The class was previously a fringe afterthought and has now become one of the most popular classes in the format at all levels of play. Prestor Druid, a deck that had a brief appearance during Alterac Valley before fading as a meme, has now turned mainstream. Celestial Druid, mostly running Renathal, has also spiked in play. Druid numbers at legend are at 25%. Malfurion is back to being an enemy and Wildheart Guff must be nerfed again, apparently.

Celestial Druid has massively benefitted from the introduction of Renathal, but not necessarily because it started utilizing it. In fact, the addition of Renathal to the deck is matchup-dependent and can be considered a sidegrade move. But, the injection of other Renathal decks has created a favorable field for the archetype to thrive in, especially at legend. Celestial Druid heavily punishes slow, janky decks that lack lethality. But whether it starts with 40 health or not, Celestial Druid is still vulnerable to some of the best decks in the format, including ones that are not purely aggressive.

Celestial Druid's success is a bit more straight-forward. The current meta is so slow and clunky with decks like Curse Warlock and Quest Priest that its general game plan is good regardless of whether it runs Renathal or not. The decision to include Renathal is entirely based on whether the extra health cushion is worth the significant drawback, so it is matchup dependent. Therefore, we're featuring both a 30-card and 40-card decklist.

Key findings for the builds: Neptulon is so good that it's worth including in the 30-card list. Okani is core in both builds. Manasaber and Panther are interchangeable. Primordial Drake and Amalgam are interchangeable. Arcanist and Starfish are flex cards only worth considering in the Renathal build. It's hard to find space for them in the perfect 30.

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BuBi profilképe

BuBi (Diamond Common)

Létrehozott paklik: 629

365 napon belül: 0

Átlagos értékelés: 0.6

Leggyakoribb kaszt: Rogue

Druid lapok

Név Mana Támadás Élet
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőAquatic Form x2 0
Core szettInnervate x2 0
United in Stormwind kiegészítőDruid of the Reef x2 1 1 1
Core szettEarthen Scales x2 2
United in Stormwind kiegészítőJerry Rig Carpenter x2 2 2 1
United in Stormwind kiegészítőMoonlit Guidance x2 2
Core szettWild Growth x2 2
Core szettNourish x2 5
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőWildheart Guff x1 5 30
Forged in the Barrens kiegészítőLady Anacondra x1 6 3 7
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőMiracle Growth x2 7
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőScale of Onyxia x2 7
Forged in the Barrens kiegészítőCelestial Alignment x2 8

Semleges lapok

Név Mana Támadás Élet
Murder at Castle Nathria kiegészítőPrince Renathal x1 3 3 4
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőSmothering Starfish x1 3 2 4
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőBlademaster Okani x1 4 2 6
Core szettEscaped Manasaber x2 4 3 5
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőSpammy Arcanist x1 5 3 4
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőKazakusan x1 8 8 8
Core szettPrimordial Drake x2 8 4 8
Core szettAlexstrasza the Life-Binder x1 9 8 8
Core szettMalygos the Spellweaver x1 9 4 12
United in Stormwind kiegészítőGoldshire Gnoll x2 10 5 4
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőLokholar the Ice Lord x1 10 8 8
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőNeptulon the Tidehunter x1 10 7 7
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőRaid Boss Onyxia x1 10 8 8

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