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Renathal Stormwind-quest Hunter

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Hunter's popularity follows a familiar pattern of being quite high outside of legend, while dipping at legend. But what's happening within the archetypes is quite interesting. Both Big-Beast and Quest Hunter have seen Renathal builds emerge relatively later than other classes and gain traction. Why would we run Renathal in Hunter? That's a good question.

I bet you didn't expect Hunter to be the class that's utilizing the strongest Renathal decks in the format, but this is a fact!

Quest Hunter's performance and matchup spread are undergoing a drastic change that this report cannot fully capture. Thanks to Renathal, this archetype is in a midst of a huge spike in its win rate, and it exhibits Tier 1 aspirations. The only potential roadblock here is the popularity of Druid, but should this class decline as we suspect it will to some degree, Quest Hunter could represent the strongest list of 40-cards on ladder. Those who have hailed Renathal as a promoter of “value-centric control decks” before its release must be thrilled with the return of one of the most notorious Stormwind questlines to top tier play.

We're not sure anyone thought that the strongest utilizer of Renathal would be the Hunter class, but this is where we are. We already have a sense of what makes Renathal a positive component to a deck, so let's look at the two archetypes that utilize it here.

Quest Hunter exhibits Tier 1 potential with a Renathal build. The prince seems to have good synergy in quest decks, since their win condition is always drawn in their opening hand, but the major upside of Renathal in Quest Hunter isn't as clear cut as it is in other decks.

We've studied the archetype's database of games and came to understand why Renathal builds are so much better than non-Renathal builds.

Quest Hunter has good removal options and uses damage-dealing spells to clear an opponent's minions. It is not comparable to Druid decks' lack of early game answers. However, those Hunter spells double up as pure face damage or face damage enablers post-quest completion. What the extra 10 health does is open a bigger time window for the Quest Hunter to ignore their opponent's board and direct all their resources to the opponent's face. Quest Hunter becomes less interactive, and less likely to expend damage resources (spells and refreshing hero powers) on survival. This “going face efficiency” makes up for the deck building drawback inefficiency.

The build we've iterated turned out to be very close to what Habugabu ended up on, but we suggest dropping Urchin Spines for Conch's Call. More draw and increased consistency at activating Ancient Krakenbane could be nice. Do not keep Conch's Call in the mull, though.

If you're thirsty for a Renathal deck, Quest Hunter might offer you the best one. Turns out that Renathal has synergy with Questlines and having more life means you can ignore your opponent attempting to play Hearthstone and shoot them in the face harder. Much degeneracy.

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BuBi profilképe

BuBi (Diamond Common)

Létrehozott paklik: 629

365 napon belül: 0

Átlagos értékelés: 0.6

Leggyakoribb kaszt: Rogue

Hunter lapok

Név Mana Támadás Élet
Core szettArcane Shot x2 1
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőBarbed Nets x2 1
United in Stormwind kiegészítőDefend the Dwarven District x1 1
Core szettTracking x2 1
Forged in the Barrens kiegészítőWound Prey x2 1
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőDun Baldar Bunker x2 2
Core szettExplosive Trap x2 2
Core szettFreezing Trap x2 2
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőFurious Howl x2 2
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőIce Trap x2 2
Core szettQuick Shot x2 2
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőRaj Naz'jan x1 2 2 3
United in Stormwind kiegészítőAimed Shot x2 3
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőAncient Krakenbane x2 3 3 3
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőConch's Call x1 3
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőShellshot x2 3
Core szettMarked Shot x2 4
Forged in the Barrens kiegészítőPiercing Shot x2 4
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőSpring the Trap x2 4
Forged in the Barrens kiegészítőBarak Kodobane x1 5 3 5
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőBeaststalker Tavish x1 6 30

Semleges lapok

Név Mana Támadás Élet
Murder at Castle Nathria kiegészítőPrince Renathal x1 3 3 4
United in Stormwind kiegészítőMulticaster x2 4 3 4

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