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Lightray Holy Paladin

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Holy Paladin is one deck that's suffering from the prevalence of weird Renathal decks. The 40-life total makes it harder for the Paladin to finish off the opponent with a buffed Smite, and the never-ending deck is difficult to outlast. The situation should get better for the deck since many of its counters are expected to decline. We can already see its performance peak at top legend, where meta developments are more advanced.

Players have experimented with Renathal in Holy Paladin, but the card doesn't seem like a great fit so far. This is where the disparity between pre-release expectation and post-release reality is very cleanly shown. Control decks that are defensively sound have no interest in Renathal, since they are already well equipped to outlast their opponents, and the price of drawing their best cards less often just extends the time they need to spend surviving and make them worse when that “extra protection” is redundant.

As a result, we recommend no changes to the Holy Paladin build. This deck is struggling to beat Renathal decks but running its own Renathal only makes things worse.

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BuBi profilképe

BuBi (Diamond Common)

Létrehozott paklik: 629

365 napon belül: 0

Átlagos értékelés: 0.6

Leggyakoribb kaszt: Rogue

Paladin lapok

Név Mana Támadás Élet
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőHoly Maki Roll x2 1
Forged in the Barrens kiegészítőKnight of Anointment x2 1 1 1
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőBattle Vicar x2 2 1 3
United in Stormwind kiegészítőCity Tax x2 2
Core szettEquality x2 2
Core szettFlash of Light x2 2
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőVitality Surge x2 2
United in Stormwind kiegészítőAlliance Bannerman x2 3 2 2
United in Stormwind kiegészítőRighteous Defense x1 3
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőShimmering Sunfish x2 3 2 5
Forged in the Barrens kiegészítőCariel Roame x1 4 4 3
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőThe Leviathan x1 7 4 5
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőLightforged Cariel x1 8 5
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőLightray x2 9 5 5
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőThe Garden's Grace x2 10

Semleges lapok

Név Mana Támadás Élet
Core szettWild Pyromancer x2 2 3 2
Forged in the Barrens kiegészítőBlademaster Samuro x1 4 1 6
United in Stormwind kiegészítőMr. Smite x1 7 6 5

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