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Renathal Big-Beast Hunter

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Hunter's popularity follows a familiar pattern of being quite high outside of legend, while dipping at legend. But what's happening within the archetypes is quite interesting. Both Big-Beast and Quest Hunter have seen Renathal builds emerge relatively later than other classes and gain traction. Why would we run Renathal in Hunter? That's a good question.

I bet you didn't expect Hunter to be the class that's utilizing the strongest Renathal decks in the format, but this is a fact!

Big-Beast Hunter is good. Big-Beast Hunter with Renathal is very good. One of the two best choices to climb to legend with, and a respectably good deck at higher levels of play, is only going to get better as Renathal takes over.

We're not sure anyone thought that the strongest utilizer of Renathal would be the Hunter class, but this is where we are. We already have a sense of what makes Renathal a positive component to a deck, so let's look at the two archetypes that utilize it here.

Big-Beast Hunter doesn't have a ‘clear' win condition, but it has a lot of tutor effects in Tracking, Selective Breeder and Pet Collector. It's also a deck with very weak defensive tools. If it gets pressured, it can only realistically start stabilizing past turn 5. Finally, its ability to close out games against defensive opponents is heavily determined by its ability to keep churning out threats, which makes the bigger deck less of a downside. Wing Commander Ichman is one card that becomes more powerful with a list of 40-cards, for example.

The featured list was made by Sidisi and is superior to the 30-card iterations of the archetype we've featured before. Battle Ram is very strong in this list, and you're not desperate for Azsharan Saber to pull beasts from your deck since you have more time with the extra health to play Ram-discounted beasts from your hand.

The most questionable card in the deck is Devouring Swarm. It's very weak, but we haven't found something better in this week's database. There should very likely be something better, so those are two slots the deck can find upgrades on. A second Azsharan Saber is one option. A Naga package is another option, but it requires a bigger overhaul. We're curious about Savannah Highmane because of this deck's thirst for threats. It's a suggestion without any empirical basis.

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BuBi profilképe

BuBi (Diamond Common)

Létrehozott paklik: 629

365 napon belül: 0

Átlagos értékelés: 0.6

Leggyakoribb kaszt: Rogue

Hunter lapok

Név Mana Támadás Élet
United in Stormwind kiegészítőDevouring Swarm x2 0
Core szettTracking x2 1
United in Stormwind kiegészítőDoggie Biscuit x2 2
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőK9-0tron x2 2 2 3
Core szettQuick Shot x2 2
Core szettSelective Breeder x2 2 1 3
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőHarpoon Gun x2 3 3 2
United in Stormwind kiegészítőRamming Mount x2 3
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőRevive Pet x2 3
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőAzsharan Saber x1 4 4 3
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőStormpike Battle Ram x2 4 4 3
Forged in the Barrens kiegészítőBarak Kodobane x1 5 3 5
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőPet Collector x2 5 4 4
United in Stormwind kiegészítőThe Rat King x1 5 5 5
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőBeaststalker Tavish x1 6 30
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőHydralodon x1 7 5 5
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőMountain Bear x2 7 5 6
Core szettKing Krush x1 9 8 8
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőWing Commander Ichman x1 9 5 4

Semleges lapok

Név Mana Támadás Élet
Fractured in Alterac Valley kiegészítőIrondeep Trogg x2 1 1 2
United in Stormwind kiegészítőPeasant x2 1 2 1
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőVicious Slitherspear x2 1 1 3
Murder at Castle Nathria kiegészítőPrince Renathal x1 3 3 4
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőAmbassador Faelin x1 4 4 5
Voyage to the Sunken City kiegészítőBlademaster Okani x1 4 2 6

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